Agronomy News and Marketing via Social Media?

Social Media and Agronomy CollageApril 18, 2012 - The worlds of agronomy and marketing are colliding, and through websites like, the CCA marketing and promotions committee has developed a strong presence in the social media marketing world. With a focus on promoting CCA involvement at a local level as well as growing and fostering a more solid CCA base, the board is reaching out to the agronomy community with new and innovative tools  – social media being one particular focus.

Why Social Media Marketing For Agronomy?

Many studies have proven that preferences for receiving marketing messages have turned from traditional advertising (TV, Radio, Print, etc.) to the newer, more technological mediums like email marketing, social media channels and mobile devices.

In their ever-evolving nature, the CCA marketing  and promotions committee chose to utilize these emerging technologies to better reach you. You as an agronomist, as a CCA and as a farmer consultant have the ability to spread the CCA mission better and more efficiently than any marketing tool. And with the speed and adaptability of your industry, social media marketing was the logical fit.

How Do You Get Involved?

Website –

By simply reading this article, you’ve made a great start. The delivery method for the CCA-That’s Sound Advice campaign and content will be through the website.  All marketing and communications messages, promotions, collateral and discussions will generate on the site.

The website is a “Membership-driven” site. So if you are a CCA, by using your Certified Crop Adviser log in information (your email and the password you use for the Certified Crop Adviser CEU and Administrative site), you will be able to log in and access all of the marketing and communications materials needed to better promote yourself as a CCA and spread the word to those that should use CCAs in their agronomy workflow.

If you’re not a CCA, you can still access the public articles and follow the information provided, but will not have access to the inner workings of the That’s Sound Advice website and it’s CCA-proprietary content.

The Website has been designed to be mobile-friendly, so reaching your CCA marketing and communications content has never been easier. Just a tap or two from your smart phone and you’re plugged into the world of CCA!


Social Media Marketing- Join in the Conversation

There are over a billion people on FaceBook.  There are over 175 million registered users on Twitter. There are over 150 million users on LinkedIn. YouTube is now the 2nd most searched website (used for educational content) behind Google.

Silhouette Tractor and Farmers

Click here for the CCA-That's Sound Advice FaceBook page.

FACEBOOK: With the power of those numbers, the CCA marketing and promotions committee encourages all of us to get out there and join the conversation! On FaceBook, we have developed a “Certified Crop Adviser” fan page where much of the content developed through this site will be shared, as well as conversations on a more regional and even peer-to-peer level that just can’t happen through other channels.  Go to the FaceBook Page today and click “Like” to join in that conversation. Share the information from that page with your other connections – again positioning you as the “Authorized Professional” in your circle of influence for all things Agronomy and CCA.

 TWITTER: Instant information at your finger tips. While Twitter is often compared to a cocktail party where everyone there is yelling out incoherent facts or trite and personal quips at the top of their lungs, it can also be used as a tremendous marketing and communications tool. We have included a Twitter account in the mix to achieve just that. By following the @CCASoundAdvice twitter feed, you’ll be able to pick up additional information and join into the conversations being held about agronomy, crop health, farming and consulting at lightening speed. By following specific hashtags (#CCA, #AgNews, #AgChat, and others) we as the CCA community will be able to have a more powerful presence within the Twitter world as well as continue our positioning of CCAs as the go-to ag professionals in every community.

YouTube: Be found. Be involved. Be educated. And watch it right on your computer or smart phone… The CCA marketing and promotions committee will be sending all of their video training and news information to their YouTube channel. If you have ever used YouTube to research a procedure, see an application for farming or any other solution, you’ll now be able to see it right on the CCA – That’s Sound Advice YouTube Page! All of the public videos on the channel will be searchable, trackable and available to the millions and millions of users on YouTube every day. The videos that we post as secure or private will also be available as embedded source videos on the website. Any way you look at it, YouTube is the virtual eye-to-eye marketing and communications tool for the future.  The more information we have there the better the chances are for solidifying our position as the authority association for agronomy and all things crop farming.

Other Channels: Other resources like LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest can and will be integrated into the marketing and communications strategy at later dates. Right now, the CCA marketing and promotions committee is diligently researching the viability of alternate channels for broadcast communications and how they can positively benefit our cause.

Does This All Seem Too Confusing?

Over the late winter and early spring, the CCA marketing and promotions committee developed a multi-level plan to help facilitate your involvement in this CCA marketing effort.  We encourage you to contact your local board chair to see how you can get involved with this great program.

With the cooperation and support from all 13,000+ of our CCAs, we can better understand the challenges we face as a community as well as foster growth and sustainability, and power our futures to profitability and greatness.

For more information about the CCA marketing and promotions plan to use social media and other tactics to grow the CCA numbers, please feel free to contact us at: (608) 273-8081 or go to the Certified Crop Adviser website and send us a note with any questions you may have.